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Get your driving licence faster with specialist auto instruction

Why choose an automatic over a manual?

Ok, let´s not beat around the bush, automatics are MUCH EASIER to drive!

You don´t need to understand and learn ´clutch control´, ´Hill starts´ are of very little consequence and there is no having to worry about what gear you should be.in.

Changing up and down the gears is taken care of by the car so you don´t need to worry about having to coordinate your feet to get the right balance of clutch and throttle.

This means that learning to drive in a car with automatic gears can significantly reduce the number of lessons you will need to achieve or exceed test standard.

Auto lessons
1, 1.5 or 2 Hour available

Specialised, structured tuition

Flexibility To Suit You

Flexible pick up / drop off

Block-booking Available
Intensive courses from
Various courses available

Learn in as little as 1 week!

Save both time And Money

Discounted Lessons Offered

Complete beginners welcome

Experienced driver courses too
Block Bookings from
Save on your tuition

Flexible lesson durations

Flexible lesson days and times

Various options available

Get on the road to your licence with The Automatic Driving School
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